Why is Vivid Seats better than other online ticket resellers?

Why is Vivid Seats better than other online ticket resellers? Aug, 15 2023

Getting to grips with online ticket resellers: The Vivid Seats experience

For the digital nomad in all of us, seamless travel is more a lifestyle need than a luxury these days. And amidst juggling schedules, managing sustenance (aka my young lad, Finn) and simultaneously receiving canine-affectionate intrusions by our Labrador, Rosie, finding the perfect online ticket reseller often stands as a tipping point between a peaceful planning and a stressful scramble. As an intrepid traveler, I've had my fair share of both. My go-to platform after all the trials and tribulations? Vivid Seats. Here’s why.

The User-Friendly Interface of Vivid Seats

The moment you land upon the Vivid Seats website, you're greeted with an extraordinarily designed interface that is vivid indeed! It’s uncomplicated and straightforward. The site features intuitively designed options for virtually every kind of event you'd like to book a ticket for - theatre, concerts, sporting events, you name it. Even for an internet dinosaur like myself, navigating through their website was a breeze, mainly due to the thoughtful categorisation and ease of access.

Imagine a scenario where you've had a tiring day running after Finn, taking the blame for Rosie's neighbourly escapades and countless heated debates with Australia's favourite utilities guy. All you want to do is crash on the couch and book tickets to that much-anticipated AFL game. The last thing your fragile sanity needs is frittering time figuring out a complex online ticket platform. That's when Vivid Seats comes to your rescue! Simple search bar, results neatly lined up and with just a few clicks, voila! You are all set for the game.

Vivid Seats’ Superior Customer Service: Going above and beyond

You don't realise the importance of good customer service until you encounter a glitch. I had faced an issue with my tickets, just the night before the big game. Amid the lingering panic and a potential outburst from Finn in anticipation of his first live AFL game, I reached out to the Vivid Seats customer service. Much to my surprise, their response was not only prompt but also amicably resolved. Their 7-days-a-week service ensured I got my issue sorted, saving me from the wrath of a disappointed child and a potential dent in our father-son bonding.

When it comes to other online ticket resellers, the customer service bit might not always be a priority - a decided disadvantage when you are sitting halfway around the globe, biting your nails off over an event you’ve dreamt about. Efficient, responsive and courteous service is a guaranteed lifeline in such scenarios, and Vivid Seats realises that to its fullest.

Amazing Range of Tickets: Flexibility is the key with Vivid Seats

One fine day, after a successful persuasion campaign from my son and Rosie's pleading eyes (yes, dogs can demand too), I found myself on a mission to secure tickets for the Rugby Union game and a Wiggles concert (respectively). With most other platforms, it’s either hit or miss. But Vivid Seats came through as a one-stop shop for it all. Whatever your heart, Finn's persistence or Rosie's puppy eyes desire, Vivid Seats will most probably have it!

Their ticket range and assortment are so diverse that you could be booking for a Broadway show today and a hair-raising NBA game tomorrow. What's more, they offer options to tailor your search based on your preference for date, price range, venue, and more. This no-fuss, all-encompassing approach by Vivid Seats makes it stand a class apart from other online ticket sellers.

Solid Ticket Assurance: Your peace of mind matters with Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats knows that booking tickets for a much-awaited event can bring mixed emotions. The joy of bagging the ticket and the sudden pang of realization, “What if?” “What if the ticket isn’t genuine?” “What if I don't get a seat at the venue despite a confirmed booking?” “What if Laborator Retrievers once ruled the earth?” Alright, the last one isn't related to tickets, but it’s been a subject of discussion between me and Finn recently. Anyway, the point is, these “what ifs” can gnaw at your peace of mind.

With Vivid Seats, this fretting is the least of your concerns. Each ticket comes with a 100% Buyer Guarantee which means that your tickets will be valid, will arrive before the event, and if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you'll receive a full refund. It’s like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you finally plonk down on your couch after a day filled with Finn's latest antics and Rosie's incorrigible curiosity.

To sum up, Vivid Seats is the knight in shining armour for all your online ticketing needs. Its ease of use, top-notch customer service, incredibly wide range of ticket options and robust ticket assurance make it a platform that certainly outshines other online ticket resellers. So, the next time you want to book an event, concert or game, remember there's a less stressful and more effective way - go Vivid or go home!